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Remote Support

Source Networks, Inc. uses TeamViewer to provide remote assistance.

  • Easy to use, install, and very secure
  • You are in full control and the remote session that can be ended anytime by you
  • The ability to diagnose problems remotely and resolve problems where possible without being onsite

A Source Networks consultant will be connecting remotely to your Apple or Windows computer. In order to establish this connection, a small applet must be downloaded. Because the consultant will be viewing your desktop, close any personal or confidential information on your screen before connecting with the technician.



Step One

Download the TeamViewer application. It's 100% safe and trusted.

Step Two

When this download finishes, double-click the icon to launch the program.

Step Three

Accept the Remote Support Desktop Disclaimer.

Step Four

Enter your name in the field and wait for our connection.

We Are SourceNetworks


Source Networks specializes in cross-platform Apple and Microsoft integration services, network design and implementation, and proactive maintenance. As consultants we bring to your company a degree of experience and knowledge above the common break/fix shops. Our team of specialists, each with unique backgrounds, ranging from basic installation, software configuration, hardware setup, network wiring, to configuring the most advanced virtualized, multi-purpose, enterprise servers, providing security audits for HIPAA, SEC, and PCI compliancy, integration of Cisco firewalls and wireless solutions to enable a secure, stable, and robust network infrastructure.



greydivide We build long-term relationships with our customers. We understand that you may be calling for an immediate need but having a relationship with a consulting firm that cares about not only making your computers work well but we go beyond this basics and work with you to include the latest technologies into your business strategy moving forward. As consultants we understand your business concerns and can guide you to even greater success by using our experience at other customers and our understanding of the latest trends to make your workers and business run more efficiently, less costly, and more securely by being proactive not reactive with protecting your data from a sudden outbreak of a new virus, hardware failure, theft, or other occurrences that could impact your business. Trust is earned and we work hard to build a long-term relationship with all our customers…



Source Networks: Ubiquiti

Source Networks: Ubiquiti

Recently, a customer brought in Source Networks, Inc.’s consulting team to identify and solve a wireless problem throughout their large home, guesthouse, and sizeable outdoor pool area. They needed a solution that would provide Wifi service to both the outdoor... read more
Case Study – ioSafe

Case Study – ioSafe

This particular company resides in a converted warehouse made primarily of wood timbers presenting some interesting challenges. With the danger of the building burning down, water pouring in thru the floors from above, and the possibility of theft, introducing the... read more
Case Study – Migration to Hosted Exchange Email

Case Study – Migration to Hosted Exchange Email

Our client had an aging, on-site server running the obsolete Microsoft Exchange 2003. The users had limited access to e-mail features from their mobile devices. Performance was slow and users received an overwhelming amount of spam. SourceNetworks resolved the... read more


greydivide With a team of consultants each bringing years of in-the-field experience supporting both Apple and Microsoft based networks, our knowledge and resources have proven to be of great value to countless home and business customers over the past 16 years.

Jason Bosket headshot image.

Jason Bosket

CEO / Apple Consultant

Elisabeth Dombrowski

Systems Architect

Brett Wenzlaff

Systems Engineer

Andrew Kuhlman

Systems Architect

Robert Iosca

Project Manager



greydivide Our approach to solving your IT needs begins with a multi-stage evaluation—a “snap-shot” of your equipment, software, services and current/recurring issues. By applying our experience with networking, security, software, servers and support, we develop a phased approach to evaluating your infrastructure, software, and current computer configurations. Problems with hardware or software, age issues, and a lack of features may become immediately evident. By applying the “snap-shot” to your operation, we can develop a plan to bring you the stability you need, so you can focus on your business, not on computer issues. Eliminating distractions from your operation is our goal, allowing you to focus on doing what you do best—running your company.

Source Networks consulting has helped numerous businesses.CONSULTING

We provide strategic, architectural, and implementation planning. From pre-sales evaluation and design, to future development, we plan with you, for your success.

Networking solutions for both home and business.NETWORKING

Evaluating your network infrastructure allows us to identify areas where enhanced efficiency and security are readily achieved by incorporating improved technologies.

SECURITYWe handle security related issues for Apple and Microsoft platforms.

Data breaches, cyber attacks, accidental deletion and theft are your system’s greatest enemies. We provide advanced defense programs, ensuring system security.

Cloud technology is one of our most important services.CLOUD

Your on-site storage and applications can be seamlessly transitioned onto Cloud off-site, 24/7, data management centers—the latest technology trend.


Customers Overall Rating


greydivide With over 100 5-star ratings by our customers as seen on the website, our customers have overwhelmed us with positive reviews of our service!

Outstanding work. Always accommodating. I've worked with Jason Bosket for a number of years. I handle most of my design studio's IT work, but Jason has always been there to bail me out when I'm over my head or when I mess something up. Extremely professional and a great source of service or simple advice. I will continue to utilize Source Networks for all of my IT needs.

FROM Glenview, IL

Reliable Some of the most stressful times in my business due to computer/network issues has been alleviated knowing that Source Networks is there to help. Responsive, knowledgeable, and service oriented are what makes them great.

FROM Chicago, IL
INDUSTRY Entertainment

Always able to fix the problem Source networks has been integral with my business computer hardware. They work through all the glitches that seem to come up when I upgrade my Macs to the latest veterinary software my business is using every couple of years. I highly recommend Source Networks!!

FROM Rockford, IL


greydivide Our network of partners consists of numerous solutions for all your individual needs.

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